Michael Affenzeller & Stefan Wagner at IWMMA conference 2017 in Krasnoyarsk

Michael Affenzeller and Stefan Wagner were invited to hold a keynote and a HeuristicLab-tutorial at the IWMMA conference in Krasnoyarsk, Russia - The Sixth International Workshop on Mathematical Models and their Applications​. 

The Sixth International Workshop on Mathematical Models and their Applications (IWMMA 2017) will provide an international forum for the presentation of original results in mathematical modeling for software- and hardware applications in various fields. It will stimulate lively discussions among researchers as well as industrialists.

Michael Affenzeller's keynote titled "Real-World Systems Modeling and Optimization with Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms" - The focus of the talk was on systems modeling, optimization, algorithm design and analysis with respect to real world problems using different flavors of evolutionary algorithms. A special focus was on the analysis of algorithm dynamics in order to analyze the reasons of premature convergence which provides deeper insights about the algorithms internal behavior and gives inspiration for the design of new hybrid algorithms.

Stefan Wagner's tutorial titled "Algorithm and Experiment Design with HeuristicLab. An Open Source Optimization Environment for Research and Education" - This tutorial demonstrated how to apply and analyze metaheuristic optimization algorithms using the HeuristicLab open source optimization environment. It was shown how to parameterize and execute evolutionary algorithms to solve various optimization problems (e.g., traveling salesman, vehicle routing, quadratic assignment, symbolic regression).

Thanks to Eugene Semenkin and his team for the invitation and the interesting feedback to the keynote and the tutorial!

New research group members

The HeuristicLab Team is expanding further and we want to welcome our new team members, Daniel Dorfmeister, Lukas Kammerer and Roland Hanghofer. 

Daniel and Lukas completed their master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria this year. Both graduated in Software Engineering from the double degree program at the University of Calabria and the FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg . 

Daniel is working on the project DigiMont, Lukas on the contract research for EREMA. 

Roland is still in the bachelor degree course and works as a trainee for the research group. 

Daniel Dorfmeister
Roland Hanghofer

Michael Affenzeller held keynote at I3M conference 2017

Michael Affenzeller held a keynote about interactions between Modeling/Simulation and Computational Intelligence at I3M conference 2017 in Barcelona. The lecture was very well attended.  

The presentation covered theoretical aspects as well as real world examples demonstrating how the open source framework HeuristicLab can be used for modeling, optimization and machine learning tasks for concrete challenges in the domain of production, logistics and systems research. 

Find out more about the keynote here.

Jan Zenisek won Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students at I3M conference

Our research group member Jan Zenisek won the VI Edition of Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students for his submission "Smart Maintenance Lifecylce Management: A Design Proposal". 

The  Award  Winner  is  announced,  as  each  year,  during  I3M  Conference  (2016  Cyprus,  2015  Bergeggi,  2014  Bordeaux, 2013 Athens, 2012 Wien) as best simulation student(s) among the applicants. The Award is entitled to Col. Gianni Cantice as recognition for his long activity in Simulation. Requirements: Students (e.g. engineering, mathematics, physics, etc.) enrolled in Simulation Researches in Institute, Universities & Agencies are entitled to participate. Students from all countries are invited to send R&D Papers & Applications. The prize also includes the next I3M-conference fee for 2018's edition. 

We would like to congratulate you, Jan, on this award!

Dr. Bogdan Burlacu - Congratulations!

Dr. Bogdan Burlacu

We would like to congratulate our colleague Bogdan Burlacu who successfully defended his PhD thesis yesterday! Bogdan joined us a couple of years ago and is doing research in genetic programming. He has done his PhD within the international PhD program jointly organized by JKU and FH Upper Austria and finished his PhD studies with distinction.


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