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SYNASC 2022 in Hagenberg

Sep 13, 2022

The 24th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC 2022) is currently held at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation in Hagenberg.

6 interesting papers have been presented at the Workshop for Symbolic Regression:

  • Fabrício Olivetti De França: Symbolic Regression with augmented dataset using RuleFit

  • Fabrício Olivetti De França: Comparison of OLS and NLS to fit Transformation-Interaction-Rational expressions

  • David Piringer, Bernhard Bloder and Gabriel Kronberger: Steel Phase Kinetics Modeling using Symbolic Regression

  • Martin Steiger, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf and Gabriel Kronberger: Identification of Discrete Non-Linear Dynamics of a Radio-Frequency Power Amplifier Circuit using Symbolic Regression

  • Gabriel Kronberger: Local Optimization Often is Ill-conditioned in Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression

  • Wolfgang Roland, Michael Kommenda and Gerald Berger-Weber: Application of Symbolic Regression in Polymer Processing