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HEAL @ Eurocast 2022

Feb 28, 2022

Our research group was strongly represented at this years Eurocast -The 18th International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory, which took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, from February 20th-25th.

An Invited plenary Lecture was held by Dr. Michael Affenzeller on “Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization meets Data- and Simulation-based Systems Modeling”.

Michael Affenzeller and Stefan Wagner hosted the "Workshop on Theory and Applications of Metaheuristic Algorithms" and the following papers were presented:

  • Multi-criteria Optimization of Workflow-based Assembly Tasks in Manufacturing by Florian Holzinger Slides
  • An Open Ended Multi-Objective Approach for Solving a Dynamic Optimization Problem in Steel Logistics by Andreas Beham Slides
  • Analysis and Handling of Dynamic Problem Changes in Open-Ended Optimization by Johannes Karder Slides
  • Measuring Features of Dynamic and Time-Linked Optimization Problems by Bernhard Werth Slides
  • Fitness Landscape Analysis of Dynamic Optimization Problems by Erik Pitzer Slides
  • Shapley Value based Variable Interaction Networks for Data Stream Analysis by Jan Zenisek Slides
  • Symbolic Regression with Fast Function Extraction and Nonlinear Least Squares Optimization by Lukas Kammerer Slides
  • Comparing Shape-Constrained Regression Algorithms for Data Validation by Florian Bachinger Slides
  • Improving the Flexibility of Shape-Constrained Symbolic Regression with Extended Constraints by David Piringer Slides
  • Shape-constrained Symbolic Regression with NSGA-III by Christian Haider Slides
  • Vectorial Genetic Programming - Optimizing Segments for Feature Extraction by Philipp Fleck Slides
  • Identifying Differential Equations to predict Blood Glucose using Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Systems by David Joedicke Slides

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