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EuroCAST'09 conference visit


Members of the Heureka team are attending the EuroCAST 2009 conference to present recent research results as well as get in touch with people from the field of heuristics optimization. We would also like to remind everyone of the LINDI 2009 conference in Linz later this year.

Medical- and Bioinformatics professorship for Stephan Winkler


Stephan Winkler is, as of today, officially professor at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. After a well received PhD thesis and several years of hard work, he is now going to face many new challenges in both education and research at the department of Medical and Bioinformatics in Hagenberg, several of which are also part of the tasks at Heureka!

The whole team congratulates whole-heartedly and wishes him all the best and a lot of success for his plans!

Partners meeting announcement


The Heureka! team is proud to announce the first partners meeting where first results are to be discussed and presented. The meeting will take place at campus Hagenberg of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences.

There are currently three topics on the agenda:

  1. Presentation of the centre's topics in more detail
  2. Introduction of the part data based structure identification
  3. Introduction of the part optimization in production environments