Visit to the Genetic Programming Theory and Practice Workshops 2016

Michael Affenzeller and Michael Kommenda are going to attend this years GPTP 2016 workshop which takes place this week at the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The GPTP workshop is a small invite-only event and offers a good opportunity to discuss in depth important challenges and approaches in the field of genetic programming.

Call for papers: EvoSoft Workshop at GECCO 2016

Once again, the EvoSoft workshop at this years GECCO is being hosted by Stefan Wagner and Michael Affenzeller. Everyone is invited to submit a contribution addressing a number of different aspects such as:

  • development and application of generic and reusable EC software systems
  • architectural and design patterns for EC software systems
  • software modeling of EC algorithms and problems
  • open-source EC software systems
  • expandability, interoperability, and standardization
  • comparability and traceability of research results
  • graphical user interfaces and visualization
  • comprehensive statistical and graphical results analysis
  • parallelism and performance
  • usability and automation
  • comparison and evaluation of EC software systems

The deadline for the submission is April 2nd, 2016. Further important dates and submission guidelines can be found in the attached call for papers.

BioBoost Project Successfully Completed

We are happy to announce that the BioBoost project which has been completed in July 2015 is now also formally finished. BioBoost is focussed on boosting bioenergy through biomass-based energy intermediates using a de-centralized infrastructure for conversion of biological residues to bio-oils. HEAL developed a simulation and optimization software for optimizing plant locations, capacities and logistics.

The resulting software tool is now available as an add-on for HeuristicLab.

A short summary on the project has been published on the EU commission websites: "Biomass for for energy: from field to fuel" and on the Horizon2020 websites

The main goals and challenges as well as results are explained in a 10-minute long documentary video on BioBoost.


A European R&D project funded under contract 282873 within the Seventh Framework Programme by the European Commission.

Offene Stelle in der Forschungsgruppe HEAL

Wir möchten unsere deutschsprachigen Besucher auf eine aktuelle Stellenausschreibung für eine Position als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in unserer Forschungsgruppe aufmerksam machen. Eine Anzeige mit weiteren Details wurde auf geschalten.

HEAL Strategy Meeting

In the beginning of October this year we had a very fruitful two-day meeting to discuss HEAL strategy and related organizational topics. All members of HEAL joined in and we had a great workshop! As you can see in the group photo below, we are already a sizeable group...

Full size image

Research Group Photo


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