Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab

A new HeuristicLab add-on for the job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is now available as zip-archive from our download page. Developer Joseph Helm plans to tackle 3D packing problems next, which will further expand the number of available standard problems. For details, head over to the blog.

HeuristicLab 3.3.7 released

Most members of the HeuristicLab development team are currently attending GECCO 2012 in Philadelphia. However, before leaving we finalized the HeuristicLab 3.3.7 release, packed with new features for benchmark testing, parameter variation experiments and much more.

One of the core incentives for this latest release was that it is still very cumbersome to find suitable parameter settings for a particular problem instance and algorithm. We therefore started to collect algorithm parameters and results of executed test-runs in a systematical way in the so-called optimization knowledge base (OKB). The OKB serves as a centralized experiment and result storage and will be useful for detailed post-analyses about algorithmic behavior.

To perform such analyses in a structured manner, the availability of benchmark instances is essential. HeuristicLab 3.3.7 now includes various libraries of published benchmark problem instances for combinatorial optimization problems (TSPLIB, QAPLIB, Taillard, Golden, Cordeau, Solomon, etc.) and regression/classification problems (Keijzer, Korns, Nguyen, real world problems, etc.). HeuristicLab architects Andreas Beham and Gabriel Kronberger blogged about this in detail on the HeuristicLab Blog.

Finally, we added a new feature that makes it more comfortable to create parameter variation experiments, which is described in detail in the Parameter Variation Experiments article on the blog.

Additional new features in HeuristicLab 3.3.7 include:

  • a new and improved implementation of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) which supports more VRP variants such as CVRP, DCVRP, CVRPTW, PDPTW, and MDCVRPTW
  • lawn mower problem
  • linear assignment problem and Hungarian algorithm
For the full feature list, samples and documentation, go to

Stephan Hutterer wins GECCO 2012 Industrial Challenge

Fellow HEAL researcher Stephan Hutterer has just been announced as the winner of the GECCO 2012 Industrial Challenge. The goal of the of the GECCO 2012 Industrial Challenge was to develop accurate forecasting methods for electrical energy consumption profiles, based on four training data sets from smart-metering equipment. Stephan will present his approach and detailed results at GECCO 2012 in Philadelphia next Monday. The entire group congratulates Stephan on this achievement!

HEAL in Italy and Turkey

The first meeting of the EURO working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization (VeRoLog) takes place in Bologna, Italy this week. Stefan Vonolfen will represent our research group in the special session on dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing problems and present his paper "New measures for describing the structure of dynamic vehicle routing problems".

Meanwhile, fellow HEAL researcher Stephan Hutterer has returned from the 12th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS 2012), which was organized by Istanbul Technical University. Stephan presented his paper "Metaheuristic Optimization of Electric Vehicle Charging Strategies in Uncertain Environment" in the track on energy storage.

Andreas Beham in Spain

HEAL researcher Andreas Beham is currently visiting Prof. Dr. Enrique Alba and his group at the University of Málaga, Spain. This is Andreas' second extended research visit to Spain. Back in 2005 he already spent a couple of months as exchange student at the University of Granada and also worked with the group of Enrique Alba on an adaption of scatter search for multiobjective optimization.


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