New Vehicle Routing Plugin in HeuristicLab 3.3.7

As previously noted, the HeuristicLab 3.3.7 release features a new implementation of the vehicle routing problem (VRP) plugin, which now includes dynamic and stochastic VRP variants. Our routing expert Stefan Vonolfen writes about the changes on the HeuristicLab Blog. Comments and questions are of course always welcome, either directly via mail or in our google group!

MAS conference opening talk

Michael Affenzeller, in his role as general chair of the 11th International Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation (MAS 2012), is giving an opening talk tomorrow morning at the conference venue in Vienna, Austria. The MAS conference is, as in previous years, part of the I3M, the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference.

Logistics and HeuristicLab Boot Camp

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria consists of four faculties located in Hagenberg, Linz, Steyr and Wels, which specialize in informatics, social sciences, management and engineering, respectively. Although the different faculties have cooperated successfully for years, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest research endeavors of the four centers. We all thought it was high time for a bilateral update. Therefore, researchers from Steyr and Hagenberg spent the last two days in workshops, jokingly called "boot camps". Yesterday our colleagues from Logistikum Steyr gave excellent introductions to supply chain management, distribution and factory planning and logistics. Today, fellow HEAL researchers returned the favor and held a detailed tutorial on optimization with HeuristicLab. Both parties profited from interdisciplinary exchange and we definitely plan to hold these "boot camps" more often.

Researchers from Steyr and Hagenberg meet for 'boot camps'.

LINDI 2012 in Smolenice, Slovakia

Last week HEAL researcher Monika Kofler traveled to Smolenice, Slovakia to attend the 4th IEEE International Symposium on Logistics and Industrial Informatics (LINDI 2012) and present her work on the optimization of steel slab logistics. The first incarnation of LINDI took place in Wildau, Germany (2007) followed by Linz, Austria (2009) and Budapest, Hungary (2011). Once again, it was a stimulating and very international event with researchers from Europe, Thailand, Canada and the U.S., who we hope to see again in Wildau in 2013.

Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab

A new HeuristicLab add-on for the job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is now available as zip-archive from our download page. Developer Joseph Helm plans to tackle 3D packing problems next, which will further expand the number of available standard problems. For details, head over to the blog.


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