Heureka! finishing event

After 5 years of intensive work the Ressel Center Heureka! finishes. Michael Affenzeller organized a lunch at the Promenadenhof in Linz where the partners came together. It was a hard-working time with many insights and discoveries, finished PhD theses, and with results that have been achieved by implementing the findings at our partners locations. We are happy to have expanded our international cooperation network and that the research group grew more visible with the work that we have been doing.

Project partners got together for a final lunch, to celebrate the end of Heureka! and to discuss and forge new ideas for proposed and future projects

HEAL at MAS Conference in Athens, Greece

Michael Affenzeller has been this years general chair of the Modeling & Applied Simulation (MAS) conference which is held in conjunction with further conferences in the frame of the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference (I3M). The venue of the conference was set to be the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens, Greece.

Michael Affenzeller during his opening speech.

HEAL research group at the GECCO 2013

From 6th to 10th of July, HEAL members attended the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Once more, group head Michael Affenzeller and Stefan Wagner chaired the EvoSoft Workshop which enables EC researchers to exchange their ideas on how to develop and apply generic and reusable EC software systems.

Besides that, several group members took the chance to present their scientific achievements at various workshops, namely Bogdan Burlacu at VizGEC, Stephan Winkler at MedGEC, Stephan Hutterer at GreenGEC, and Gabriel Kronberger at the Symbolic Regression Workshop.

While enjoying this great conference, we were happy to successfully participate in GECCO competitions:
Gabriel Kronberger and Michael Kommenda won the 2nd place at the Industrial Challenge, while Mohab Elkaref and Andreas Scheibenpflug also reached the 2nd place at the Evorobocode Competition.

Nomination for the logistics award 2013

One of our projects that we worked on in the Josef Ressel Centre Heureka! together with our partner Rosenbauer International AG has been nominated for the logistics award 2013. The project treats the optimization of the storage location for items in a high rack warehouse identifying items that are going to be picked together and that should be stored together. We are very proud of this nomination and would like to share the video that was created to describe the project.

Conferment of the title Prof. (FH) to Gabriel Kronberger

Gabriel Kronberger received the title Prof. (FH) for his achievements in teaching and research yesterday during a ceremony at the Landhaus in Linz. We would like to congratulate him whole-heartedly!


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