Second Place in Financial Time Series Prediction

Team HEAL achieved second place at the financial time series prediction competition of the EvoCompetitions side event of Evo* 2010. The goal of the competition was to prognose the future values of ten financial time series for a horizon of ten time steps. We used HeuristicLab and genetic programming to create our forecast.

New team member

The HeuristicLab developement team is proud to announce the next expansion of the research group. Stefan Vonolfen is joining the team to work on projects in the field of logistic optimization. He has contributed to the upcoming HeuristicLab 3 and is eager to continue working with us. We are very glad to have him on board.

Exciting news

The HeuristicLab team would like to wish everyone a happy new year! By the end of this month we will be starting to release the next major version of HeuristicLab on this website and looking forward to hear about your experience in using HeuristicLab for teaching and about your innovative research results! We would be glad to get to know our users and the great things they are doing with HeuristicLab.

Consortium Meeting

voestalpine Stahl GmbH invited the Heureka! project consortium to Linz for a retrospection on the first year of the centre. The meeting commenced at 3:00 p.m. with an exciting tour of the voestalpine Stahlwelt exhibition, followed by presentations and a buffet. In detail, Heureka! researchers presented results on the following topics:

  1. Research group head Michael Affenzeller summarized accomplishments of the first year and introduced the research branches.
  2. Gabriel Kronberger presented new approaches for the evaluation of complex process models.
  3. Stephan Winkler showed intermediate results on the analysis of medical data from clinical laboratory testing.
  4. Finally, Monika Kofler gave an update on the progress in facility layout and warehouse optimization.

Michael Affenzeller would like to thank voestalpine for hosting the meeting and all attendees for their interest and insightful comments! Below are several pictures from the event.

Ressel Opening Ressel Opening Ressel Opening
Ressel Opening Ressel Opening Ressel Opening
Ressel Opening Ressel Opening Ressel Opening
Ressel Opening Ressel Opening Ressel Opening

WSC'09 conference visit

Heureka researcher Andreas Beham is attending the Winter Simulation Conference 2009 in Austin, Texas this week. The Winter Simulation Conference is among the premier international conferences on system simulation and Andreas is using the opportunity to network with other researchers and to present recent research results on facility layout optimization .


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