EMSS 2011: Simulation in Healthcare Workshop

We have posted a lot about our research in logistics and industrial applictions recently, so it's time to showcase our (bio-)medical researchers again. Research group head Michael Affenzeller will be in Rome next week to attend the 23rd European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS 2011). Stephan Winkler and Viktoria Dorfer from the bioinformatics research group will accompany him. HEAL researchers and affiliates will present the following papers at the conference:
  • On the Use of Estimated Tumor Marker Classifications in Tumor Diagnosis Prediction - A Case Study for Breast Cancer
  • Missing Data Estimation For Cancer Diagnosis Support
  • New Genetic Programming Hypothesis Search Strategies for Improving the Interpretability in Medical Data Mining Applications
  • Using Query Extension And User Feedback To Improve Pubmed Search

HeuristicLab Blog and Google Group

We are constantly working on new features to improve HeuristicLab, our framework for heuristic and evolutionary algorithms, as evident if you have a look at the change and ticket history on our development homepage However, we know that our wiki and issue tracking system can be a bit overwhelming.
The solution: Our brand new HeuristicLab Development Blog. The blog will allow our developers to post about new, exciting features they are working on, link to tutorials, teaching materials and additional goodies. We will of course still announce releases and important news on our research group homepage, but for details head over there.
Moreover, we recently created a Google Group for HeuristicLab. This group provides a platform for all HeuristicLab users and developers to ask questions, share comments, post feature requests, or discuss new ideas. The group is open for everyone. Feel free to join!

HEAL Researchers at LINDI2011 conference

HEAL researchers Andreas Beham and Stefan Vonolfen are heading to Budapest, Hungary, on Wednesday to attend the 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Logistics and Industrial Informatics (LINDI 2011). We have been quite busy in the area of logistics and production optimization, as the titles of our accepted LINDI papers indicate:
  • Solving Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Problem Instances Using an Island-Model Offspring Selection Genetic Algorithm
  • A New Metric to Measure Distances between Solutions to the Quadratic Assignment Problem
  • Re-Warehousing vs. Healing: Strategies for Warehouse Storage Location Assignment
  • Production Fine Planning Using a Solution Archive of Priority Rules
  • Simulation-based Evolution of Municipal Glass-Waste Collection Strategies Utilizing Electric Trucks

HeuristicLab 3.3.5 Released

Right on time for the upcoming GECCO Tutorial we have released HeuristicLab 3.3.5. Let us know what you think! New features include:
  • Random forests (wrapper for ALGLIB implementation)
  • Allele frequency analyzer for symbolic data analysis expression trees
  • Optional caching and parallel execution of external evaluation results
  • New analyzers and operators for the quadratic assignment problem (QAP)
  • New tree view for experiments etc.

For the full feature list, samples and documentation, go to

GECCO 2011: HeuristicLab Tutorial

With just a week to go until the GECCO 2011 conference, we would like to remind you that Stefan Wagner and Gabriel Kronberger will hold a HeuristicLab Tutorial there. In particular, they will show how to
  • parameterize and execute evolutionary algorithms to solve combinatorial optimization problems (traveling salesman, vehicle routing) as well as data analysis problems (regression, classification).
  • model custom optimization algorithms in the graphical algorithm designer.
  • setup a large scale optimization experiment and execute such experiments on multi‐core or cluster systems.
  • inspect executed test runs with HeuristicLab’s interactive charts for visual and statistical
  • extend HeuristicLab with your own problems or algorithms.

If you are attending GECCO it would be great to meet up!


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