New Team Member Judith Fechter

The HeuristicLab Team is proud to announce a new team member, Judith Fechter.

Judith studied technical mathematics at Vienna University of Technology and one year abroad at University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her focus was business mathematics, especially operations research.

Now she is supporting the team in mathematical modelling of problems in production and logistics and developing algorithms therefor.


Stephan’s Research Visit at BEACON, Michigan State University

Since April Stephan Winkler is at Michigan State University where he is joining BEACON, an NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action lead by Prof. Erik Goodman, as a visiting scholar. He is there working with computer scientists, bioinformaticians, biologists, and psychologists on several interesting research topics, namely population dynamics in genetic algorithms and genetic programming, the identification and classification of wings, simulation-based evolution of behavior and intelligence, and evolutionary feature selection and parameter optimization for early cancer detection.

Stephan will stay at BEACON until July, then he will attend GECCO 2014 and afterwards he will come back home to HEAL.

Visit to the Genetic Programming Theory and Practice Workshops

Michael Affenzeller and Gabriel Kronberger have attended the GPTP workshop 2014 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. Michael talked about recent research in the field of symbolic regression and Gabriel demoed recent improvements and features of HeuristicLab.

Stephan Winkler who is currently in Michigan at the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action also joined the workshop due to the close proximity.

Call for papers: EvoSoft Workshop at GECCO 2014

Stefan Wagner and Michael Affenzeller are going to host another installment of the EvoSoft workshop at the upcoming GECCO conference. Everyone is invited to submit a contribution addressing a number of different aspects such as:

  • development and application of generic and reusable EC software systems
  • architectural and design patterns for EC software systems
  • software modeling of EC algorithms and problems
  • open-source EC software systems
  • expandability, interoperability, and standardization
  • comparability and traceability of research results
  • graphical user interfaces and visualization
  • comprehensive statistical and graphical results analysis
  • parallelism and performance
  • usability and automation
  • comparison and evaluation of EC software systems


The deadline for the submission is March 28th, 2014. Further important dates and submission guidelines can be found in the attached call for papers and on the workshop page.

HeuristicLab Software Review in GPEM Journal

A review of HeuristicLab was published in the Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Journal (GPEM). Achiya Elyasaf and Moshe Sipper both from the Computer Science Department of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev summarize the major features and describe strengths and weaknesses. The review can be accessed at Springer Link.


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