New team member

Erik Pitzer

We are proud to welcome another official member to the Heureka/HeuristicLab team. Erik Pitzer has already been an active developer on the 2nd iteration of the HeuristicLab architecture, but took the chance to go to Harvard Medical School in the mean time. He is now back and working on structure identification problems within Heureka as well as working actively on the next version of the HeuristicLab architecture, which is scheduled for release in the beginning of next year.

Open day at the FH OÖ

Members of the Heureka Team talked to students about their research and education work during the annual open day in Hagenberg. Interested people were introduced into the world of heuristic optimization. We talked a lot about the importance and the inspiration that comes from nature for deriving new optimization techniques as well as giving an overview of the range of applications from route planning, to schedule optimization and system identification.

FHOÖ Open Day 2009 FHOÖ Open Day 2009 FHOÖ Open Day 2009

Book chapter published

The article "Evolutionary Systems Identification: New Algorithmic Concepts and Applications" by Michael Affenzeller, Stephan Winkler, and Stefan Wagner has been bublished in the book Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms. This book, edited by Xiong Zhihui and published by IN-TECH Education and Publishing, can be downloaded here.

Workshop on Heuristic Problem Solving (EuroCAST'09)

The EuroCAST 2009 conference and the workshop on Heuristic Problem Solving provided a good base for exchange between the group of Günther Raidl and the Heureka team around Michael Affenzeller. Here are some pictures of the workshop and an informal meeting.

Presentations at the Eurocast09 workshop on Heuristic Problem Solving Presentations at the Eurocast09 workshop on Heuristic Problem Solving Raidl, Affenzeller

EuroCAST'09 conference visit

Members of the Heureka team are attending the EuroCAST 2009 conference to present recent research results as well as get in touch with people from the field of heuristics optimization. We would also like to remind everyone of the LINDI 2009 conference in Linz later this year.


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