Book presentation

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming - Modern Concepts and Practical Applications

We are proud to make another big announcement! Our book Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming - Modern Concepts and Practical Applications has finally been printed and is available for purchase. On more than 360 pages the book treats the topic of GA theory, GP theory, and describes the concept of offspring selection as a problem-independent enhancement to the performance. On the example of several problem situations the performances are compared and analysed. Finally several applications are described along with results. More details, such as the table of contents as well as several videos regarding the analysis of genetic diversity can be found on the accompanying website.

Updates on the Innovation Award 2009

We have received further updates from Microsoft regarding the Innovation Award 2009 and were informed that HeuristicLab is among the finalists that are to be presented at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Vienna! So, we will be there on May 7th in a whole-day event where we are going to show the project and talk about applications, technology, and backgrounds. We hope that you meet us there!

HeuristicLab on the shortlist of Microsoft's Innovation Award!

Hooray! We are proud to announce that HeuristicLab is on the shortlist of 12 finalists competing for Microsoft's Innovation Award 2009. From 64 submissions 12 projects have been selected of which a jury will further select and create a ranking.

Further conference reports

Gabriel Kronberger is currently attending the EuroGP conference in Tübingen, Germany presenting his study "On Crossover Success Rate in Genetic Programming with Offspring Selection".

The EuroGP continues from today until Friday, April 17th 2009.

Conference Attendances

Our colleague Stephan Winkler is going to represent our research group on heuristic and evolutionary optimization at two conferences in the near future: At the Science Symposium of the Austrian Universities for Applied Sciences 2009 in Villach, Carinthia, he is going to present the paper "Analyse von Patientendaten und Evolutionäres Design von Virtuellen Sensoren für Erkrankungen" ("Analysis of Medical Data of Patients and the Design of Virtual Ssensors for Diseases"), and at the International Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed Computing (organized within the 23rd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium in Rome, Italy) he is going to present the paper "Fine Grained Population Diversity Analysis for Parallel Genetic Programming".


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