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Research visit from Spain

Dec 04, 2012

David Davis has just left for Australia and we can already announce the next visitor: Pilar Caamaño Sobrino from the Universidad de la Coruña is in Austria this week to prepare a joint research proposal with our group. Her research focuses on the analysis of evolutionary algorithms via fitness landscape analysis, which ties in nicely with the work of HEAL members Erik Pitzer and Andreas Beham. We are therefore pleased to announced that Dr. Caamaño Sobrino will present some of her recent work in Hagenberg this week.

Fitness Landscape and Evolutionary Algorithm Characterization in Real-Coded Optimization Problems

December 6th, 2012, 16:30 - 18:00 HS8, Hagenberg

Fitness landscape analysis can be used to get a better understanding why some problems are harder for certain optimization algorithms than others. The topic is therefore highly relevant to current metaheuristic research and we are looking forward to a stimulating presentation and discussion session. The event is public and interested visitors are warmly welcome.