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Mini-Symposium at EUROGEN - Applications of Optimization in Engineering Design Automation (AppODA)

Mar 16, 2017

Mini-Symposium at EUROGEN, Sep 13-15, 2017, Madrid, Spain

Based on a history of automating design calculations, simulation support, and applying artificial intelligence and optimization in engineering domains, design automation (DA) provides methods and tools for exploring solution spaces and generating designs at different levels of detail.

Optimization problems are often an inherent part of DA approaches and solutions since the complexity of products often yields optimization tasks which exceed the human capacity to solve them manually. In order to support the striving to fully explore the design envelope before making decisions with a high impact on committed costs, a wide range of industries has thus adopted optimization problems within engineering DA. Exemplary application areas include the validation and improvement of structural aspects and the appropriate selection, dimensioning and assembling of components to fulfil customer-specific needs. Beyond, also optimization methods to guide solution finding related to tasks with large and unstructured solution spaces have received increased attention.

This symposium aims at bringing together practitioners and scientists from academia, research institutes and industry to discuss about practical and scientific problems and solution strategies in the context of engineering design automation and optimization.