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Interview with Gabriel Kronberger

Feb 23, 2023

After the successful completion of the Josef Ressel Centre for Symbolic Regression, head of the Ressel Centre Gabriel Kronberger was interviewed by the Christian Doppler Association. You can read the interview here.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the JR Centre! Could you briefly describe what you have been researching at the centre?

We have developed algorithms that can be used to learn predictive models in the form of simple formulas from data. Such models can be used in many applications for simulation, optimization, or design of systems. Together with our company partners, we have created models for battery aging, fuel cells, friction components, and plastics recycling systems.

What would you describe as the most important achievements of your JR Centre?

We were able to develop a software package that set a new benchmark for accuracy and efficiency for symbolic regression. The software is open source and has been taken up internationally by researchers at renowned universities. This has resulted in new contacts with whom we are continuing to develop the methodology beyond the JRZ.

What do you particularly appreciate about the funding model of the JR Centres?

Josef Ressel Centres and Christian Doppler Laboratories are known in Austria in academia and industry for excellent application-oriented research. The funding model of the JR Centres enables the establishment of a research focus and international networking through the 5-year term.

Prof. (FH) DI Dr. Gabriel Kronberger led the JR Centre for Symbolic Regression from its start-up in 2018 until the end of the regular term in 2022 and is employed at the FH Upper Austria Faculty of Computer Science, Communication and Media at the Hagenberg Campus.