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HeuristicLab Blog and Google Group

Sep 01, 2011

We are constantly working on new features to improve HeuristicLab, our framework for heuristic and evolutionary algorithms, as evident if you have a look at the change and ticket history on our development homepage However, we know that our wiki and issue tracking system can be a bit overwhelming.

The solution: Our brand new HeuristicLab Development Blog. The blog will allow our developers to post about new, exciting features they are working on, link to tutorials, teaching materials and additional goodies. We will of course still announce releases and important news on our research group homepage, but for details head over there.

Moreover, we recently created a Google Group for HeuristicLab. This group provides a platform for all HeuristicLab users and developers to ask questions, share comments, post feature requests, or discuss new ideas. The group is open for everyone. Feel free to join!