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HEAL Researchers at LINDI2011 conference

Aug 22, 2011

HEAL researchers Andreas Beham and Stefan Vonolfen are heading to Budapest, Hungary, on Wednesday to attend the 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Logistics and Industrial Informatics (LINDI 2011). We have been quite busy in the area of logistics and production optimization, as the titles of our accepted LINDI papers indicate:

  • Solving Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Problem Instances Using an Island-Model Offspring Selection Genetic Algorithm
  • A New Metric to Measure Distances between Solutions to the Quadratic Assignment Problem
  • Re-Warehousing vs. Healing: Strategies for Warehouse Storage Location Assignment
  • Production Fine Planning Using a Solution Archive of Priority Rules
  • Simulation-based Evolution of Municipal Glass-Waste Collection Strategies Utilizing Electric Trucks