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HEAL @ Eurocast 2024

Mar 04, 2024

Our research group was strongly represented at the Eurocast -The 19th International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory, which took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, from February 25th-March 1st.

Michael Affenzeller and Stefan Wagner hosted the "Workshop on Theory and Applications of Metaheuristic Algorithms“, and and Stefan Wagner the Workshop on Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization in Production and Logistics”. The following papers were presented:

  • A Hybrid Cooperative Approach for Symbolic Regression by Bahareh Etaati
  • Comparing Constraint Evaluation Methods for Shape-constrained Regression by Christian Haider
  • Re-evaluation in Dynamic Tree-Search with Backtracking from Known Solutions by Philipp Fleck
  • Automated Inference of Domain Knowledge in Scientific Machine Learning by Florian Bachinger
  • Diversity Management in Evolutionary Dynamic Optimization by Bernhard Werth
  • Composable Evolutionary Computation by Jan Zenisek
  • Machine Learning Update Strategies for Real-time Production Environments by Philipp Neuhauser
  • Online Machine Learning for the Estimation of Process Times in Dynamic Scheduling by Michael Heckmann
  • Concurrent Evolution of Dynamic Single- and Dual-Crane Scheduling Scenarios by Johannes Karder
  • Using the Pilot Method as a Problem-Independent Metaheuristic for Multi-Objective Beam Search by Oliver Bindreiter
  • Incrementally Solving the Dynamic Stacking Problem by Sebastian Leitner

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