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GECCO 2011: HeuristicLab Tutorial

Jul 06, 2011

With just a week to go until the GECCO 2011 conference, we would like to remind you that Stefan Wagner and Gabriel Kronberger will hold a HeuristicLab Tutorial there. In particular, they will show how to

  • parameterize and execute evolutionary algorithms to solve combinatorial optimization problems (traveling salesman, vehicle routing) as well as data analysis problems (regression, classification).
  • model custom optimization algorithms in the graphical algorithm designer.
  • setup a large scale optimization experiment and execute such experiments on multi‐core or cluster systems.
  • inspect executed test runs with HeuristicLab’s interactive charts for visual and statistical
  • analysis.
  • extend HeuristicLab with your own problems or algorithms.

If you are attending GECCO it would be great to meet up!