Here you can download recent PhD-Theses of some research group members:

Gabriel Kronberger (2010): Symbolic Regression for Knowledge Discovery - Bloat, Overfittting, and Variable Interaction Networks

Stephan Hutterer (2013): Simulation-Based Evolutionary Dynamic and Stochastic Optimization for Smart Electric Power Systems

Erik Pitzer (2013): Applied Fitness Landscape Analysis

Stefan Vonolfen (2014): Adaptive Heuristic Approaches for Dynamic Vehicle Routing - Algorithmic and Practical Aspects

Monika Kofler (2014): Optimizing the Storage Location Assignment Problem under Dynamic Conditions

Bogdan Burlacu (2017): Tracing of Evolutionary Search Trajectories in Complex Hypothesis Spaces

Michael Kommenda (2018): Local Optimization and Complexity Control for Symbolic Regression

Andreas Beham (2019): Fitness Landscape Analysis and Algorithm Selection for Assignment Problems​